Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


BATJ offers a comprehensive range of next generation sequencing services (NGS) utilizing Thermo Fisher’s Ion PGM and Illumina’s Miseq platforms to deliver fast, reliable and high quality results. The services include:


A: Nucleic Acid Isolation Services 

BATJ offers high quality DNA/RNA isolation services from a wide range of sample types for various downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, cloning, cDNA synthesis, DNA library construction, microarray, and NGS.

Sample types (gDNA, total RNA, mRNA, and miRNA, if applicable):

– FFPE tissue samples (blocks and/or slides)

– Microbiota samples

– Microbial cultures

– Human/animal cells and tissues

– Plant tissues

– Environmental samples

– Custom samples

Nucleic acid quality control: the quality of isolated DNA/RNA samples will be checked with either fluorometer or Bioanalyzer.


B: NGS Library Construction Services

BATJ has developed comprehensive high-quality NGS library construction protocols compatible to both Ion Torrent and Illumina platforms.

Library Quality Control: the quality of constructed NGS libraries will be examined with qPCR, fluorometer or Bioanalyzer.


C:   NGS with Thermo Fisher or Illumina’s machines for:

– Ampliseq (Cancer panel etc);

– Metagenomic Sequencing (16s rRNA & shotgun);

– Targeted Resequencing;

– SNP Discovery and Verification

– Antibody Repertoire Sequencing (Ig-seq)

– Whole plasmids or PCR fragments sequencing service (PPS ) which was developed by BATJ with special low-cost and high-throughput. The advantages of PPS service over conventional ones are:

  1. No more primer walking for big size circular or linear DNA molecules, so no need to design and synthesis walking primers.

  2. Ideal for unknown plasmid structure or whole plasmid identification after modification.

  3. Suitable for a wide range of difficult templates (repetitive regions, strong secondary structures, GC rich.)

  4. Deep coverage of the whole DNA sequence (>1000x).

  5. Up to 96 barcoded samples per chip run.

  6. Reference sequence preferred, but not required.

  7. Fast turnaround time (usually 4-5 business days).


D: NGS Data Analysis Services

BATJ’s NGS data analysis pipelines combine and integrate most advanced bioinformatics tools for customized processing of your NGS data:

– Sequence alignment (mutation detection)

– Gene panel data analysis (variant calling)

– Sequence assembly (de-novo or mapping)

– Metagenomic/Microbiome data analysis (16S/18S/ITS profiling)

– Antibody library analysis (CDR3 profiling)

– For others services which is not listed here, please contact us.


E: NGS Data Report

     Demo of 50 Tumor Gene Analysis Report  at  Data Analysis Report 


Detail of NGS service is on  Flyer of NGS Service .

 Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS)

– Plasmid and PCR Fragments Sequencing (PPS)

– Targeted Sequencing (Gene Panels)

– Metagenomic Sequencing (16S/18S/ITS)

– Antibody Repertoire Sequencing (Ig-seq)

– Others

For your convenience, the “NGS Request Form” are available in Excel Format. It can be downloaded for easy editing at “ PGM_Request_Form-Excel version“. or “ MiSeq_Request_Form-Excel version“. Please download and fill out the form, then email or submit with your DNA samples.

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