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Welcome to BATJ Inc.!

Located in beautiful San Diego, California-- the heartland of a highly-developed biotech industry, Bio Applied Technologies Joint (BATJ), Inc. is a biotech service corporation dedicated to aiding biotechnology's progress and development as well as providing superior service to our customers from 2001.
BATJ offers effective and economical services including DNA sequencing, mutation detection, gene synthesis, cloning, mutagenesis and other applications, enabling our customers to meet requirements and finish projects with ease.
From one sample to a thousand, BATJ guarantees the highest quality data and service, regardless of order size. With our high-tech and cutting-edge machinery, time-tested protocols, and highly experienced staff, our customers can be sure that they will receive the fastest and most cost-effective service. The state-of-the-art capillary sequencer is some instances of BATJ's exemplary equipment.
Customer satisfaction is, of course, guaranteed, and any problems all warrant immediate troubleshooting. The dedicated customer service is always prepared to address all questions or concerns.
If you need high-quality sequences, or you are unsatisfied with sequencing data from other companies, feel free to send your samples to BATJ.

6331 Nancy Ridge Dr. Suite A, San Diego, CA 92121; Tel:(858)-622-9498 (Office), (858)-999-0447 (Lab) E-mail: service@batj.net
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