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RC Cloning Kit

Cat. No.: N-RC-20

   RC Cloning Kit is a new cloning method with the recombinase cocktail technology (in patterning process by BATJ).

   RC Cloning Kit provides an easy and robust method to clone one or multiple PCR fragments into the desired vector seamlessly. There is no need to either design compatible cohesive restriction ends as in traditional cloning methods or employ a cloning shuttle.

   As shown in figure on protocal, the desired vector is linearized by using the restrict enzymes and the interested DNA sequence is amplified with PCR by using the primer carrying extra twenty nucleotides homologous to the two open ends of the vector backbone. Incubation of the linearized vector and PCR fragments with the recombinase cocktail results in circulated plasmid bearing interested PCR product for transformation.

   The results demonstrate that the RC Cloning Kit is capable of cloning the PCR product up to 8kb.

   Download "protocal of RC Cloning Kit"

   Order information: N-RC-20 (20 reactions)is $299

DNA Mini-Prep Column

Cat. No.: DC-1000

   1. High yield DNA mini-prep column

   2. To use for DNA preparation and PCR clean.

Order information:

   DC-1000: 1000pc DNA Mini-prep column, $150.00/ea box

Low-Salt TB

Cat. No.: S0001-500 or S0001-250

   1. Ideal for cell culture of low copy number, yield is 2-3 times more than LB.

   2. To get high purified supercoil DNA from gel DNA mini-prep with growth in 96 deep wells plate.

Order information:

   S0001-500: 500ml of Low-Salt TB $25.00/ea

   S0001-250: 250ml of Low-Salt TB $15.00/ea

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