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1a. DNA Sequencing Services (by Sanger):

1b. DNA Seq or RNA Seq by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

  • BATJ offers a comprehensive range of next generation sequencing services utilizing Thermo Fisher's Ion PGM and Illumina's HiSeq 2500 platforms to deliver fast, reliable and high quality results. HiSeq 2500 can produce over 300 million reads with "Rapid Run" mode, and 2 billion reads with "High-Output" mode. It is much better for RNA-SEQ, CHIP-Seq, Exome-Seq and many others. Detail of NGS service is on Flyer of NGS Service.

  • NGS applications of Ion PGM : Ion Ampliseq (50-gene Cancer panel etc.); Metagenomic Sequencing (16s rRNA); Targeted Resequencing; SNP Discovery and Verification; Genotyping By Sequencing; Antibody Repertoire Sequencing (Ig-seq) and so on.

  • NGS applications of MiSeq of Illumina: Metagenomic Sequencing (16S rRNA-results-Demo); Targeted Resequencing; SNP Discovery and Verification; Genotyping By Sequencing; Antibody Repertoire Sequencing (Ig-seq) and so on.

    ***BATJ also developed a special low-cost and high-throughput sequencing service for whole plasmids or PCR fragments (PPS service). The advantages of PPS service over conventional ones are:
    1. Determine the complete sequence of circular or linear DNA molecules in a single run, no more walking primers to design and synthesis
    2. Ideal for unknown plasmid structure or whole plasmid identification after modification
    3. Suitable for a wide range of difficult templates (repetitive regions, strong secondary structures, GC rich )
    4. Reference sequence preferred, but not required
    5. Deep coverage of the whole DNA sequence (>100x)
    6. Up to 96 barcoded samples per chip run
    7. Fast turnaround time (usually 3-5 business days)

  • NGS applications of HiSeq-2500 :Whole-Transcriptome Sequencing (RNA-Seq), mRNA-Seq, de novo Genome Sequencing, Metagenomic Sequencing, Copy Number Analysis, DNA-Protein Interaction Analysis (ChIP-Seq), DNA Methylation analysis.

    File Download:
    (1). For your convenience, one "NGS Request Form" is available in Excel Format. It can be downloaded for easy editing at "NGS Request Form-Excel version". Please download and fill out the form, then email or submit with your DNA samples.

    (2). To read NGS data: The James Hutton Institute offers a free software, 'Tablet', which is currently available for Windows (32 bit) or Windows (64 bit); Linux (32 bit) or Linux (64 bit); or MAC OS X. Customer could download and install on local computer to read the NGS final analyzed data. Please download "NGS-Tablet-sample files" to load into the Tablet software and to learn its fuctions.

2. Fragment Analysis Service:

  • BATJ Inc.'s excellent protocol for fragment analysis is performed with 3730xl DNA Analyzer.
3. DNA Preparation Service:

  • DNA mini-prep with column (Qiagen) or gel clean method with Mini-Prep 96 instrument (MacConnell). The instrument uses a revolutionary new method of nucleic acid purification based on gel electrophoresis and subsequent nucleic acid recovery by electroelution. It is the best method for high throughput (96 samples each time). The resultant DNA is highly pure (95% supercoil) and can be used for DNA sequencing, restriction digests, transformations and transfections.
    *Prices: DNA mini-prep with column: $2/each; DNA mini-prep with machine: $3/each
    **The gel clean method includes colonies pickup from customer plates, culture with our Low-salt TB, and DNA purification with machine. Over 24 samples only please.

  • Normal or Endo-free MIDI, MAXI or MEGA DNA preparation with high qualified DNA prep (Qiagen) kits. Endo-free products are less than the 0.1 EU/ug by LAL detection
  • BATJ provides DH5α as a standard host strains for DNA prep. If your DNA requires special hosts, please provide the bacterial colony or glycerol stock as starting material. We will perform the transformation step if necessary.
  • Provide 100ng of plasmid DNA or fresh colonies on LB plate with plasmid information, such as antibiotic resistance and copy number, then mail or send your request to BATJ Inc.

  • Turnaround time: 3-4 days
  • Prices: Midi: $50(Endo-free $80);MAXI:$150(Endo-free $180) MEGA: $250(Endo-free $300)GiGA:$699(Endo-free $799)

    *For large scale, the price of Endo-free DNA prep is $100/mg

4. Mutagenesis:
  • Site-directed mutagenesis for any combination of mutation within a 4 base-frame. The price includes quick change reaction, transformation, mini-prep and sequencing verification.
  • Turnaround time is 3 to 5 workdays in most cases.
  • DNA template and identified sequencing data will be sent back to customer.
  • When ordering, email the original and modified sequence of the construct to "service@batj.net" indicating the specific base(s) changes. Please provide plasmid information such as antibiotic resistance and the sequencing primer for sequencing confirmation. Please call to arrange pick up of the plasmid DNA.
  • Prices: For each mutagenesis is $299.
    * If do more than one change is desired, call us for discount pricing.

5. Primer Synthesis:

6. Cloning and subcloning Service:

  • Clone an insert of interest into a vector provided by the customer. The cloned gene will be sequenced upon completion for verification. Sequencing data and mini-prep will be sent back to the customer. Other prep services are available at additional cost.
  • Please send vector and insert information such as the size, restriction enzyme sites, antibiotic resistance, etc. via email to service@batj.net. For more information or for pick-up service, please call us.
  • Prices: Cloning is $599; Subcloning is $499
    * If do more than one cloning service is desired each time, call us for discount price.

7. Protein Expression (Bacterial):
  • Cloning into Expression pET Vector:
    Clone (subclone) interest gene into a pET expression vector. The cloned gene will be verified by sequencing. The final editing sequence data and mini-prep DNA will be sent back to the customer.
    Please provide 1 ug of containing the gene of interest plasmid DNA and complete vector sequence in electronic format.
  • Identification of Expression Positive Clones:
    Transfer pET plasmid containing the gene into a BL21 (DE3).Over-express target small scale protein. Test recombinant protein by SDS-PAGE and western Blot (customer must provide appropriate antibodies).
    Please provide 1 ug of pET plasmid containing interest gene and complete vector sequence in electronic format.
  • Large-scale Culture:
    Make one liter or more of bacterial culture induced with an IPTG inducer and harvest cell pellet for protein purification.
    Please provide expression positive clone(E.coli glycerol stock or plate)
8. LAL Endotoxin (Pyrogen) Detection :
    LAL assay is a semi-quantitative assay by Gel Clot, with Limulus Amebocyte Lasate (LAL). It is for lab research only. Service and Prices:
  • 1. LAL Assay set up fee is $30: Set up fee includes preparation of positive control, negative control and inhibitor control. Our assay standard is 0.1 EU/ug, (Qiagen Endofree products is less than the 0.1 EU/ug), but LAL assay sensitive is from 0.03 EU to 2.0 EU depending on the customer requirements.
  • 2. $20 for each LAL reaction. For each sample, we recommend that LAL assays are performed with the following concentration: (1) 0.05 EU/ug (2) 0.1 EU/ug (3) 0.5 EU/ug
  • Please provide 5-10 ug (Concentration > 200 ng/ul) of DNA sample for each reaction. Free pick up from local companies and labs. Results will be sent to you via e-mail. Turn around time is less than 24 hours.

8. CRISPR genome editing services :

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