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Gene Synthesis

BATJ Inc.'s excellent protocol for gene synthesis allows the company to clone synthetic double stranded DNA into a plasmid within a very small timeframe. The high quality and low prices of BATJ's service enable the company to serve a variety of biotech, research, and pharmaceutical corporations and institutions who seek the best possible results.

BATJ will provide:

  1. one gene sequence map.
  2. one sequencing report (for both directions), with chromatograms, text or both.
  3. over 2000 ng of plasmid.
  4. over 500 microliters of the clones (in a T Vector).
  5. one biochemical report.
BATJ's gene synthesis service includes:
  1. Optimization of codons.
  2. Custom primers (50 - 90 bps) for the entire gene in both directions.
  3. PAGE purification of primers.
  4. Subunit annealing by PCR with Pfu enzyme. BATJ uses Pfu instead of Taq since the latter has a higher incidence of errors.
  5. Purification by gel electrophoresis or other kits.
  6. Ligation.
  7. Cloning with TA kits.
  8. DNA sequencing in both directions.
  9. Mutagenesis.
If you want BATJ to synthesize genes for you, call us today.
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